The Team

Wolf Nathan


Born: 26 March 1969

Nationality: Dutch

Family: single and one daughter

Hobby: mountain bike, fitness, kickboxing

Languages:  Dutch, English, German

Profession: CEO Nathan group

Helmet: Blue, red, black and grey




Shares the #8 GT1 Corvete C6R with Rick Abresch


Racing experience:


2008               Dutch Winter Endurance Series BMW120d      


2009                Viscon Legends Cars Cup, ’34 Ford Coupe

                        Dutch Winter Endurance Series BMW E46 325i


2010               Dutch Supercar Challege Porsche 997 GT3 (Bas Koeten Racing)

                       Dutch Winter Endurance Series


2011               Dutch Supercar Challege Porsche 997 GT3 (Land Motorsport)

                       Dutch Winter Endurance Series, Opel Omega V8 Star


2012               Dutch Supercar Challenge Corvette GT3 (FE Racing)

                       Porsche Carrera Cup Germany Porsche 911 GT3 (Land Motorsport)


In short:


As soon as he walks onto a circuit, Nathan smiles. He loves the smell of rubber and of race fuel. After working hard during the week, he relaxes and is happy at the racetrack during the raceweekends. And wants  to become better and faster. He thinks this is a great way to spend a weekend. And smiles.


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