The Team

Miguel (Pedro Caetano) Ramos


Born: 26 September 1971

Nationality: Portuguese
Family:  Married with three children 

Hobby: Motorsport, football, jogging 
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Italian and Japanese

Profession: Engineer



Drives the #4 GT2 Corvette C6.R with Nicky Pastorelli


Racing experience:

1991 – 1993   Autocross with Toyota


1994 – 1997   Winner BMW M3 Trophy (Portugal)


1998               Superturism Italian Championship BMW 320i


1999 – 2000   Toyota Super Formula


2001               Spanish Formula 3 championship


2002               Winner Spanish GT championship, Saleen (Nash Motorsport Team)

                       24H Le Mans, GT category – Saleen (Nash Motorsport Team)


2003               FIA GT Championship, Saleen (Nash Motorsport Team)


2004               Le Mans Endurance Series championship MG Lola (RML Team)


2005               Winner Italian GT Championship Ferrari 550 Maranello

                      (BMS Scuderia Italia)

                      Le Mans Endurance Series Championship Ferrari 550 Maranello

                      (BMS Scuderia Italia)


2006               FIA GT Championship Aston Martin DB9R (BMS Scuderia Italia)

                       Italian GT Championship Maserati MC12


2007 - 2009    FIA GT Championship Maserati MC12 (Vitaphone Racing Team)


2009               Le Mans Series (Aston Martin Racing Team)


2009 - 2010    FIA GT Championship Maserati MC12 (Vitaphone Racing Team)


2011                International GT Open and Espana GT Championship Ferrari GT 458 (Edil-Cris team)


2012                International GT Open Corvette (V8 Racing)

                        Spanish GT Porsche 997 (Autorlando)



In short:


Ramos sees a positive challenge in all the situations he is in. He has switches cars and classes throughout his career, making him a driver with valuable knowledge for all  teams he drives for. He has been on many podiums throughout his career and has carved out his place in sportscar racing.


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