The Team

Diederick Sijthoff


Born: 28 January 1981

Nationality: Dtuch

Family: girlfriend with one son

Hobby: my son, running, fitness

Languages:  Dutch, English,  German

Profession: estate agent

Helmet: carbon black




Drives the #7 GT1 Corvete C6.R with Bert Longin


Racing experience:


1998                 First time driving a sportscar


1999 – 2009     Several races with Marcos Mantis and BMW320i


2010                 Dutch Supercar Challenge Marcos Mantis (Morritz Racing)


2011                 Dutch Supercar Challenge Viper GT2 (Speedtac Racing) Champion


2012                 Supercar Challenge Corvette GT1 (Mad and Daring) Champion

                         International GT Open Corvette GT1 (V8 Racing)


In short:


From his father Sijthoff inherited the love for race cars but he learned to race from Cor Euser. And since driving the Corvette GT1 he wants more. He is a quick and guided by his teammates Bert Longin and Nicky Pastorelli, he wants to become even quicker. His ultimate race dream this year is stepping on the highest step of the podium.


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