The Team

Bert Longin


Born: 26 October 1965

Nationality: Belgium

Family: Maried to Chris, 5 children

Hobby: fitness, running, biking

Languages:  Dutch, English, French

Profession: CEO of company in industrial cleaning




Drives the #7 GT1 Corvete C6.R with Diederik Sijthoff


Racing experience:

1996               Motocross

                       Carglass Cup Porsche 911


1997               Carglass Cup Porsche 911

                       24H of Zolder


1998               Castrol Belcar Porsche 911

                       Touring Cup Porsche


1999               Castrol Belcar Porsche 911

                       Touring Cup Porsche 993

                       24H of Zolder


2000               Castrol Belcar Porsche 993 BiTurbo

                       Castrol Belcar kampioen 2000

                       Touring Cup Porsche 993

                       FIA GT Championship Porsche 993 BiTurbo (Freisinger motorsport)


2001               Castrol Belcar Viper GTS R (GLPK racing)

                       New Procar opel Silhouette (MI Motorsport)

                       FIA GT (WK) Viper GTS R (GLPK Racing)

                       24H of Francorchamps (GLPK Viper)


2002               MGV Belcar Viper GTS R (GLPK Racing)

                       FIA GT (WK) Porsche 996 N-GT (Freisinger Motorsport)

                       Winner 24H of Zolder


2003               FIA GT Championship Porsche 996 N-GT (Freisinger Motorsport)

                       MGV Belcar Porsche 996 BiTurbo

                       Winner 24H of Zolder (Viper GTS-R GLPK)


2004               FIA GT (WK) Ferrari 575 GTC Maranello (JMB Racing)

                       MVD Belcar Viper GTS-R (GLPK Racing)

                       Mini Challenge 2004 Mini Cooper S (Longin Racing)

                       Winner 24H of zolder Viper GTS-R (GLPK racing)


2005               FIA GT Championship Corvette C5R (GLPK - Carsport Team)

                       MVD Belcar Viper GTS-R (GLPK Racing)


2006               FIA GT (WK) Corvette C6R (GLPK - Carsport Team)

                       MVD Belcar Corvette C5R (GLPK Racing)


2007               FIA GT Championship Corvette C5R (PK-Carsport Team)

                       MGVD Belcar GT3 Corvette Z06 (PK-Carsport


2008               FIA GT Championship Saleen GT1 (PK-Carsport Team)


2009               FIA GT Championship Corvette GT1 (SRT-Team)

                       Belcar Porsche (Firstmotorsport)


2010               FIA GT Championship Maserati MC12 GT1 (Triple H Team)

                       Belcar Audi R8 (WRT Racing)


2011               Belcar Endurance Championship Audi R8 LMS (WRT Racing)

                       Blancpain Endurance Series Audi R8 LMS (WRT Racing)


2012               SupercarChallenge Ferrari F430 GT2 (Veka Racing)
                       Blancpain Endurance series BMW Z4 GT3 (Marc VDS Racing)



In short:


Longin is a very versatile driver. He feels right at home in various Porsche models as well as in ao the Corvette, the Viper GTS, the Maserati MC12 as well as in the Audi A8. He has raced in more then 304 races, was a five time winner of the 24H of Zolder, has seven FIA GT1 wins and was another 11 times on the podium. He was voted Best Belgium driver three times.


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